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Breaking the Silence

The Father who lost his teenage son to suicide goes public. Steven Blackwood is spreading the word like wildfire about the harsh realities of unnecessary deaths by suicide in America. His grass roots efforts to build a nationwide network of support has started in Arkansas but quickly grown beyond state lines.

The Alex Blackwood Foundation for HOPE was founded and led by the late Alex Blackwood's father, a successful entrepreneur who also serves as the Principal Broker and Team Leader for one of Arkansas leading REO agencies. Steven Blackwood and the Blackwood Team offers housing retention, foreclosure prevention, management and liquidation of REO Foreclosed properties and mortgage loan consulting.

Blackwood lost his 19 year old son without warning. Once he learned the statistics, he was furious. Now he is comitted to sharing his story in an effort to "break the silence" and reveal the staggering numbers that are not being shared with the public. Here, Blackwood is caught on flip video during a recent interview which has not yet been released.

"Suicide is preventable, but we must stop hiding under the historic stigma of depression and suicide." Committed to taking his story nationwide, Blackwood hopes that continuous media attention will force our leaders to address the growing crisis of depression and suicide

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